Sundays, Summer, + Really Good Salmon

It’s recipe time!! This probably looks super overwhelming BUT we promiseScreen Shot 2016-06-26 at 9.54.55 PM.png it’s not! All these dishes except the salmon can be made earlier and sit out for an hour or so if you’re not great at timing everything (Julie rocks at it though). No joke, this was the best salmon we’ve EVER had.

Seasonings you need for these dishes: salt, pepper, olive oil, old bay, salad dressing (we use Goddess from Trader Joe’s!), rice wine vinegar

Other ingredients: 12 oz beets (give or take depending on preference), salmon (2 lbs for 4 people and we DEVOURED it), Asian Slaw mix, cashews/walnuts/sunflower seeds according to preference, goat cheese

Beets (top right corner): we used beets cut intIMG_6470o noodle style, but you can also buy them and slice them or buy them pre-sliced! We used about 12oz but it’s up to you. 12oz was perfect for 4 people who all love them.

Put on a pan with foil at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. Take them out, put into a bowl, and then add ~4oz goat cheese! The cheese will melt and be delicious.

Salad: it’s back, our favorite asian salad!! We add the mix (minus the wontons usually), then add a handful of cashews + sunflower seeds, then add dressing. High
ly recommend 3 parts Goddess dressing to 1 part rice wine vinegar, and add enough dressing to fully dress the salad but NOT soak it. If you need more dairy in your meal, adding feta cheese would be perfect.


Cornbread: We’re big fans of “work smarter, not harder.” Which is why jalapenocornbread.jpgwe’d like to thank Wegman’s for the delicious jalapeno cornbread.

Last but not least, the salmon: Take out a pan and put a piece of foil on it. Cut the salmon into servings- depending on the thickness. Ours were somewhat thin (which is super good because then it cooks quickly and the edges got crunchy YUM) and about the size of my hand, fingers included. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and old bay on each piece, then drizzle a little olive oil on it. Let sit for 10 mins, and prep your grill VERY HOT. You can definitely test a small piece beforehand. Grill face down first (skin side up), then flip. It should take about 22-25 minutes to cook the salmon thoroughly.

&& enjoy! Thanks for reading + let us know if you have questions!

– Jordan + Julie



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