Recovery from A Mom’s Perspective


Going on the path towards recovery- it is rocky, not always happy, and unbelievably painful. I want to have hope and believe that everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay- IT ISN’T THE END. Good stuff has happened- Jordan is pushing back, fighting and working hard. I am watching the process of a butterfly being eviscerated from a cocoon. If you have ever watched it happen, it is not pretty, it is messy, scary and doesn’t fit with the beauty that emerges.

Dr. Brad Sachs reminds me everyday- to be perfectly satisfied with an imperfect family, remember that-

1. Every parent fails everyday

2. All children are destined to disappoint their parents

3. Your children are not YOUR children

4. Parents can’t make their children do anything

5. Children need us the most when they’re the least pleasant to be with

6. There is no One Right Way of doing things

7. NO family is perfect, and every family has problems, some simply manage these problems differently than others.

8. There’s always a reason why- but you won’t always know what it is

9. As long as you do a good deal more positive parenting than negative parenting, things are likely to turn out fine

10. There’s always a bigger picture

Love, Julie


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