you don’t need to make your new year’s resolution about shrinking yourself.

 I didn’t want to blog about New Year’s Resolutions because I hate them. And also because blogs about resolutions are cliche and dumb. But mostly because resolutions are full of promises of weight loss and eating “healthy” and making yourself smaller. But here I am. Because I cannot resist fighting back against diet culture and I cannot sit with the ads and articles and commercials preaching a “healthier you” if you do x y and z this new year. Because New Year’s Resolutions- any resolutions to change- shouldn’t be about shrinking yourself and your potential.

New year, new me? Nope. My new year started more around May 16, when I went to treatment. When I decided that enough was enough and I couldn’t live in a world full of rules about food and exercise and weight. My new year started when I started following my meal plan full of three meals and 2-3 snacks, no exercise, and learning to tolerate my emotions. This January 1st, I don’t want or need to make any resolutions, because I am so incredibly proud of my progress and who I am and in this world, resolutions are intent to change who we are. And I will not ruin that progress I made learning to live in this body as I am by vowing to change it.

But what if I hadn’t gone to treatment or began to recover from my eating disorder? Then what? Then maybe I’d set a resolution. But I promise you, it will never again be about shrinking myself. Here are the issues with resolutions about changing your body:

  1. Most people live in bodies that are at their set point: read, the happy weight their body balances itself at and is physically the healthiest at (I linked a really informative page about it if you’re curious!!). NOT the weight they diet down to. By fighting against this, a whole basket of health issues can occur: slow metabolism, bradycardia (slow heart rate), heart murmurs, fatigue, illness, etc.
  2. Not to mention, those weight loss goals are usually a. unattainable and b. Unsustainable because they aren’t where your body wants to naturally settle!!!!! And any means you take to change that natural set point is impermanent.
  3. This is the most important: because resolutions about your body involve shrinking and changing it. And that means spending excessive brain energy and life energy to change who you are. And that means a whole lot less energy to put into things like changing the world and volunteering and writing research papers and meaningful relationships and LIFE.

A resolution that involves me promising to shrink myself is a resolution i want NOTHING to do with. Shrinking myself means living life a whole lot less, and it is not worth it to me to weigh 10% less and miss out on 90% more of my life. This life is so short and so precious and there are no “I take that back!”s in life. There just aren’t. I refuse to promise to change who I am and make myself smaller for any reason.

The body you are in is the body you function best at. The body you are in allows you to live. The body you are in allows you to laugh and cry and giggle and hike and skate and do art and cuddle with dogs. The body you are in is the body you are meant to be in.
This year, I dare you to resolve to accept that- not change it. And I’ll continue to do the same.

Love, Jordan


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